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The Grindful Dead "Romantic Baphomet" EP Tape - Review

The Grindful Dead "Romantic Baphomet" EP Tape

A new annihilator grindcore proyect from Brasil!
The Grindful Dead presents this new tape with 9 tracks from intense grindcore in the vein from Napam Death,Nasum,Terrorizer + cover from DFC + 4 bonus tracks + intro + outro!
Tulio DFC (DFC vocals) now in The Grindful Dead in bass give me this tape with pure grind violence!
Angry and crude vocals,fast and furious riffs,raw bass and a destructive blast beats drums!
Released in Malaysia by VIRUS REKORDZ! 
Absolutely this band could become an influence for the new sick grinders!
Contact: orderbasementrecords@gmail.com

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Interview - Necrobutcher

1.Chaotic and destructive greetings from Perú, Cristiano! How are you old noisy warrior? How are going the things there?
Cristiano Passos – Hi, my friend! I’m doing fine, for sure! Thanks a lot for your interest about the old Necrobutcher, man! It’s always nice to talk about these old stories.

2.Tell us about more Necrobutcher, warrior brother...explain more about the putrid existence from Necrobutcher, how it was formed and how the beginnings were?
Cristiano Passos – So, Necrobutcher started in 1988, on the moth of September, with me, my brother Luciano on guitar and our friend Helder on drums. We were completely isolated here in our small city, because, although Florianópolis is the capital of Santa Catarina state, it was a small city back then. So, it was pretty difficult to get underground stuff and to be in touch with the scene, but soon we discovered the mail and all those contacts coming from zines, other bands, penpals...suddenly, a whole new world opened before our eyes and ears and we really felt like we were part of something. As for us, we were completely precarious in terms of equipment and recording techniques, but this was never a problem, because we simply wanted to be the noisiest band possible and these adversities somehow were good for our intentions, hahaha! At that time, there some heavy metal bands here, but they never accepted Necrobutcher as part of the scene, and we also didn’t want to hang out with them. It was very funny to see one of those guys looking for our LP released by Nuclear War Now some years ago, hahaha! Despite all these difficulties, we were very focused and devoted to making noise in the vein of Sarcófago, RDP, Brigada do Ódio, Crucifix, Protector, Genocídio, Terveet Kadet, Rattus...after starting the band, we got into the tape-trading scene and so our influences grew up fast as a shark. In a few months, we were totally integrated with the underground Brazilian scene and also listening to lots of great stuff that were circulating around the whole world, like Hellhouse, Occult, Genital Deformities, Total Mosh Project, Agathocles, ND and other Brazilian bands, like Dissector, for example, which was a huge influence on our music and attitude.

3.Necrobutcher in the 80s was a distorted from evil grind noise from Brasil, how much stuff did you edit? some stuff unpublished?
Cristiano Passos – Yes, we could be considered this kind of evil noise, really, but we didn’t care about labels. In fact, we cared, but we used to mix all them together, creating labels like “ultrafuckindeathblackgrindnoise”, hahaha! Lots of bands did that, by the way! Our first influences came from the metal world, what explains our “evil” image, but we never were satanists or any of those bullshits. Our main goal was to make the most bastard noise band of the world, only this. As for our stuff, everything I found is on the release made by NWN. We made some rehearsals recordings, but I didn’t find them. Probably some people may have any lost Necrobutcher stuff, but maybe I’ll never know that, unfortunately. 

4.Bastard influences in Necrobutcher?
Cristiano Passos – As I told before, our initial influences were HC and metal bands which sounded noisier, like Sarcófago, Exterminator, Genocídio, Protector, Vulcano, Terveet Kadet, Crucifix, Discharge, Olho Seco, RDP, Brigada do Ódio, Attack Epiléptico, Hellhammer, Venom...but very fastly, we started to trade tapes and so a whole universe of noise was open: Dissector, Nuclear Death, Napalm Death, Anarchus, Filthkick, Agathocles, Exit-13, Repulsion, G-ANX, Crawl Noise, Atrofia Cerebral, Terrorizer, Majesty, Sadus, 7MON, Sore Throat, Fear of God, Deathnoise, Anal Cunt, Hellhouse...well, the list is neverending, pal! It was a whole new world and we got fascinated with all the possibilities we had. Soon, we created several different side-projects to put out all those ideas we had in mind and so, besides Necrobutcher and SRMP, we had other 5 projects almost at the same time, hahaha!

5.Cristiano give us a short but concrete trip about the old grind noise scene from Brasil? specifically from your city and recommend some old grind noise bands, fanzines, labels.
Cristiano Passos – well, at the time of Necrobutcher, there was almost no grindnoise scene. We were probably one of the first to use this label (grindcore/noisecore), but there was Dissector, from other state, which didn’t use the term, but made a fucking noisy music. After this, there were also other bands which were great like Nuctemeron, Trucidator, Mayhem Decay Cudgel and maybe some others, although there was a strong extreme metal scene which mixed with this first wave of grindnoise. In our city, in 1989, there was VDS, a fuckin’ great band with only one demo, and also Paresthesic Neurodeformities, our side-project which was total noisecore, whose first demo was released in 1989 too. After this, a bigger grindcore scene started with bands like No Sense and Rot, both from São Paulo, soon followed by several noisecore acts which made the strongest grindnoisecore scene of the world, in my opinion, with bands like Anti-Tímpanos, Extrema Aflição Cruel, Ameaça, G.O.P., Extermínio Brutal, Masher, Industrial Holocaust, Industrial Noise, Noise  and lots of others. It’s interesting to say that most of these bands and band members are still on the scene and many are fronting several noisecore, grind and harsh noise acts, like Sifilis, Síndrome do Ódio, Defecal Geseophobia, Bastard God (more hc style), Academic Worms, Confusion, Pure Noise, NYAB, Existência Patogênica and lots of others, The Brazilian grindnoise scene is one of the strongest in the whole world (if not the strongest!) and all of them are pretty active so far, organizing several gigs and even a festival, called São Caos Fest, probably the biggest noisecore festival! You should come to Brazil, man! Here’s the land of noise, hahaha!

6.You know the extreme grind noise scene from Perú?
Cristiano Passos – yesssss, for sure!!! One of my best friends since the old times is Miguel Tipacti, the guy from Atrofia Cerebral, a crazy friend who is into noise since then and so has presented many projects from Perú, like Audición Irritable, Estallido, Insensibilidad Energica, Esperpento, Descarga Nociva…I also like the old metal scene from Peru, with bands like Mortem, Spasm, Penitencia, Pulverized Necro Brain, Contumacy…You always had a good scene over there, especially these noisecore acts…You should all be thankful to Miguel Tipacti for putting Perú in the world noise map, hehehe!

7.I have seen some reissues of Necrobutcher stuff in CD. Is there any proposal for it to come out in vinyl format?
Cristiano Passos – Well, there is not only the proposal, but it was already done by Nuclear War Now, in 2013! There was a Peruvian bootleg first, but I don’t know who did it. I’m not angry about that, for sure, but just would like to get some copies, hahaha! As for this NWN release, it was the bet we could do, since there were some recordings that were not available and some were also with a bad quality, although this is not the most important aspect of the release, considering we always listened to several badly recorded tapes since the old times. Besides this, we also gathered a lot of stuff from old zines and graphic stuff and it got really good in the end. As for the vinyl, I don’t have any copies so far and according to Yosuke (NWN), it sold very well, for my total surprise, hahahaha! In fact, I’d never imagine we could survive up to these days, pal! We were only a bunch of angry kids from a small city trying to cry out our disillusions with the world and the musical scene. So, it’s interesting to know that Necrobutcher is still a name to remember these days.

8.Now the members from Necrobutcher have another projects? bands?
Cristiano Passos – I’m the only one still involved with the metal/punk/noise scene. I play drums in a band called Antichrist Hooligans with some old brothers here in my city, a kind of metalpunk band, with a blackened mood, mainly due to our vocalist, who came from the black metal scene. We are on our second CD (the first came out in 2013 and the second has just been released by Hammer of Damnation) and we had also a demo released in tape in 2012 and a 7”ep (called “Nucklearwitch”) just released by the same label. As for my brother, Argemiro, known as Skull Detonator in the time of Necrobutcher, he never played again, and Helder (Sathan Leprofettus), our drummer at the time, he is still involved with experimental music and video art, but has nothing to do with the punk/noise/metal scene. We are still good friends so far.

9.Morbid future plans?
Cristiano Passos – Man, I don’t know about the future, but surely I expect to be alive to see what’s next, hahaha! Well, I hope I can still play drums for a long time with Antichrist Hooligans or any other punk or metal project. In fact, for my mental health, it’s great to be playing at the age of 44 and still be kicking some asses on the underground. Nowadays, me and my friend Guilherme have a small distro/label and so we help some bands to release their stuff in partnership with other small labels. We are also gathering together here in a group called Coletivo Desterro Noise, with members of other local bands like Sengaya, Pogo Zero Zero, Insalubre and the guy from the zine Silêncio Brutal, by means of which we are trying to carry out some underground gigs in our region and I think that’s all. In fact, I consider myself a lucky guy…so, I don’t want and don’t expect too much from life. Almost everything that I need to feel good I already got and that’s what matters, isn’t it?

10.Last sentences of death,Cristiano and thanks for your time in this interview! NECROBUTCHER KILLS!
Cristiano Passos – Man, thanks a lot for this opportunity of talking a little bit more about Necrobutcher and everything related with my experience in the underground. Thanks also for keeping all this stuff alive with your great webzine! Long live to the underground freaks like you!

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Arsle - S/T (EP, 2017) - Review

Arsle - S/T (EP, 2017)

The nightmare continues!
From Sweden! the members from Skitkids continue to give hard fist to the state and capital with a new project of crude d-beat crust punk called ARSLE!
This first release in 7¨EP by the label from Denmark called Adult Crash release this masterpiece with 6 tracks from chaotic d-beat crust punk in the vein from Svart Parad,Discharge,Anti-Cimex,Terveet Kadet!
Angry and destructive voice,fast and furious riffs,bass from war and drums from hell with noisy and raw d-beat crust punk touches!
This release comes in two colors,black vinyl and brown vinyl Includes two-sided lyrics insert.
Recorded during 2016 at BLAKKLODGE STUDIO.
If you are a follower from the true and underground d-beat crust punk you cant miss this release in your collection!
Contact: http://adult-crash.com/wp/

Adult Crash Summer 2017!

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Interview - Genocide Generator

1.Bestial and destructive greetings from Perú,Hanson! hows going the things in Genocide Generator? 
Hey mate! Grindy greets back to PERÚ! Yeah,….. short version: At the moment Lukas and me are a lot in our other projects like Profanity, Distaste & U.G.F for Lukas and Sucking Leech & Turdbomb from my side, so there´s not a lot of activity in GG right now. But we have sick stuff to come up in our third album …. Be prepared!

2.Give us a killer trip by the chaotic existence from Genocide Generator? how was it formed and how were the beginnings? 
Yeah,………. Haha,………. Lukas was in the bavaustrian fungrind-band “Ultrawurscht”. Extremely sick stuff only supporting the “Wurscht” which means sausage in Englisch and fighting the goddamn “Kaas” which stands for “Cheese”! So you can imagine what it sounded like. Real serious grindcore mixed with more than stupid lyrics! And due to health problems of the original guitarist “Wuaschtbua” he was searching for a guitarist to replace his sausage-guitarero. At that time I was playing at the german oldschool grindcore band Gods of Emptiness with him and he asked me if I had time and also strong nerves to join them on guitar for the “De-pig-farmering the East Tour” in Romania & Moldova. For sure I did it and three weeks later, February 2009,  we had a great time first for 10 days and afterwards as a full member for another 3,5 years. As we splitted up in December 2012, we headed on with our own projects as mentioned above. But we missed the sick stuff and the fun of the former Ultrawurscht days. So one evening, sitting in his deepdeeppressure studios where we nail all our stuff into the box, drinking with buddies, we decided to make a new project called “Genocide Generator” and do the most extreme and sick stuff ever made mixed with industrial parts! The idea was to make sound, which makes you jump laughing in a circular saw if you listen to it more than one song. A buddy from us, named Hoi-C, joined for some beers and whiskey and he was excited from the idea to join on vox. So GG was born……… a few weeks later we did the first songs for our first album “I” which we released on 8th of July 2013 – and you goddamn know the result hahaahahahah! 

3.How many releases have Genocide Generator till moment?
At the moment we have to outputs……. Our first album “I” and our second album “III”. We love to be stupid every fucking day, so that’s why the second one has not the title “II” and on the first and the second album every title has only a number. Like on the album “I” the first song is named “7”, the second “3”, the third “11” and so on…….. we are stupid assholes, nothing more to add! 

4.Repulsive influences? 
YEATH OF CORPSE! We are repulsive hahaahah!

5.Some member from Genocide Generator have another proyect paralell? 
Yes………. A shitload of things are going on. Lukas is doing Distaste, U.G.F. and he is the new member on bass on the german techdeath legend Profanity. Additionally he does the drums on one of my projects named Tom Rock´s LOST and the vox & bass on my new stonerdirt project Turdbomb. He also has a lot of session jobs on different instruments, like he did the drums on the last output of Macabre Demise, some serious brutal death band from our area. And from my side my first lady ever was Sucking Leech and it is now. And as mentioned earlier there is Tom Rocks LOST, Turdbomb and of course Genocide Generator. At the moment a new one is in startup steps…… I think we will name it T-Tank ´89. A Crustcore project with our former singer Hoi-C. So,………. a lot of sick stuff is going on. 

6.Hanson explain some more about the grindcore scene from your city? recommend some putrid bands. 
Directly in my city there is absolutely NO grindscene going on….. only a few grindfreaks in town including me. Next town to mention about grind is Linz in Austria – about 100km away. Bands like Distaste or Six Score are from that town, and they are sick into serious grind! Just listen to the last Distaste outputs “Black Age Of Nihil” or the new EP “Todt”………… and you will smash your head against the fucking table of the room you sit in! One of the coolest buddies are in Mastic Scum from Vienna, which will put out a 7” soon and their album “Zero” from 1999 is cult! Also Prosperity Denied is an awesome band of Vienna……….. And there are a lot more bands, but to much to list it here! Just get your fingers on your keyboard and search for it – you will find really great stuff! 

7.You know the extreme grindcore scene from Southamerica? 
Only a bit……….. don´t judge me. We played a tour with Purulent with my band Sucking Leech early 2000. But the singer sadly died in an accident on the trip from on gig to another…….. And bands like Brujeria, Asesino,….. we booked Brujeria in a club near my hometown two years ago! Great people! Would be great to tour that area some time! Great maniacs – like you! 

8.Where and how the grind freaks can find the stuff from Genocide Generator? 
We don´t have physical outputs…………… our goddamn music(k) is from grinders for grinders and therefore for free! Just get on bandcamp and look for Genocide Generator!

9.Morbid future plans? 
Yeath……….. to do a few albums – step by step sicker and sicker to the max!!! We want to exhaust what we do in a higher level on every output! And for sure in live shows if we are able to put it between our other tourplans with our projects! ……….. And by the way …………. to fuck up the whole world listening to our sound and jumping into the circular saw while doing that! 

10.Last words Hanson and thanks for your time in this interview.
Thx a lot for supporting our sound since the first days Diego and keep it green every day! And don´t forget to hold the stupor high mixed with real serious grind!!! That´s what it´s all about! Cheers…….. And maybe we´ll meet on a GG show in Peru! GG thx.

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