martes, 4 de julio de 2017

Balance of Terror - "World Laboratory" LP Review

Balance of Terror - "World Laboratory" LP

Brutal Death Grind devastation from France Hell!
Are 8 tracks from twisted and technical brutal death grind in the vein from Decapitated,Suffocation,Internal Bleeding just to brutal death grind maniacs.
Guttural and slamming vocals like a pig slaughtering,demented and terrorific riffs,loud and intense basss,
destructive blast beats in the drums.
This edition is released in LP format by the label Ghastly Music from Japan.
If you are a sick maniac into brutal death grind you cant miss this piece from brutality!

Sow Threat ‎– Why? CD Review

Sow Threat ‎– Why? CD

Self release from Sow Threat! Total DIY punks from Japan!
After the first release from his 7¨EP with the same name from the band by the label from U.K. Imminent Destruction Records,Sow Threat do this chaotic album with 5 tracks from fast and loud crustcore punk + 1 intro + outro!
Totally in the vein from DOOM,ENT,Electro Hippies!
Brutal and intense vocals (DOOM,Disrupt influence),distorted riffs,bass from war and pure fast beats in the drums!
This edition from this album is total killer with a protest artwork in the blooklet inside and the cover is taken from the movie The Shinning!
If you are a follower from bands like Doom,ENT,Disrupt,Electro Hippies you cant miss this album!